County Hall asked for ‘leeway’ re Anti Fracking Signs by Cllr David Lomax

Lib Dems ask Derbyshire County Council for leeway

The Liberal Democrats have made no secret that we support a green energy sector and that this Conservative government has got it wrong on bulldozing Fracking (Shale Gas Extraction) through our communities; but we also expect support where possible from the County Council.

This includes the County Council allowing a bit of leeway in terms of planning regulation when attaching signage to lighting columns – the Labour run County Council say they are doing what they can to oppose such moves in North East Derbyshire; yet all of their actions tell a different story.

Derbyshire residents say “they will not give up!” as Derbyshire County Council vote to approve that INEOS do not need an Environment Impact Assessment from a structure that will be taller than the Crooked Spire.

Photo Credit: Spike Marshall

Lib Dem County Councillor David Lomax asks Head of Planning at County Hall for “leeway when applying removal of signs so it does not just give impression of application will be nodded through and all opposition crushed.”

Cllr David Lomax said: “By simply removing all protest signs, it gives the impression that the county is Pro-Fracking. I am asking for a bit of common sense at a time of great worry for residents.”

Dr Carmen Levick, Lib Dem candidate for Eckington and Killamarsh said:  James Blundell and I are going into this election on 4th May as the only candidates who are outright saying we will oppose fracking locally.”

“Our local area is going to be turned into a mass industrial site for fracking if we let them continue down this path.”

“In James and me; you have two people who are serious about protecting our environment – we will not hide behind the same excuses given by our current [County] Councillors.”

A clear commitment to the environment

The Liberal Democrats are the only major party to directly mention opposing fracking in their Derbyshire County Council 2017 manifesto; showing local residents that we have a clear commitment to our environment, health and safety.

You can sign our ‘Frack Free Derbyshire’ Petition by CLICKING HERE.

One thought on “County Hall asked for ‘leeway’ re Anti Fracking Signs by Cllr David Lomax

  • David Hancock

    This is precisely why we need more Lib Dems on Derbyshire County Council. The controlling Labour group appears to be more concerned about enforcing rules over signage than in listening to the concerns of local residents.

    A huge thank you to Cllr David Lomax for standing up for common sense; and to our Eckington & Killamarsh county council candidates, James Blundell and Carmen Levick, for giving a voice to people’s concerns.

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