Introducing: David Hancock

Your candidate for Bolsover

A lifelong resident of New Tupton, David is from a strong working-class background. The son of a bricklayer and a cleaner; he learned the value of hard work from an early age.

51-year old David has been a supporter of the Liberal Democrats for most of his adult life; attracted by their core values of encouraging individuals to succeed by being themselves and valuing the rights and freedoms for people to be who they are – irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or disability.

He is a District Councillor for the Tupton ward and the Chair of Tupton Parish Council. David is a firm believer that local policies should be developed by local people.

David believes that communities should work cohesively; that a successful society can only ever be built on cooperation and mutual support. We live in one world. It can’t just work for the many or for the few – it has to work for everyone.

Never one to suffer fools gladly, David admits that tact isn’t his strong point. He believes that there are too many politicians who sit on the fence. In order to serve the community properly, people need to understand your values. No one will ever agree with all of them; but people know when they have someone who will genuinely fight their corner.

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