They’re all union men with no accountability

A great weekend visiting homes throughout North East Derbyshire and, just as we were told in Tupton and South Normanton, Labour are out of touch with local communities.

One gentlemen said of the local Labour councillors: “They’re all union men. There’s no interest in local residents. It’s just a case of rewarding long-standing Labour members.”

This was a comment from an ordinary working class man. One of many who feel that Labour no longer has any interest in working people – preferring to put socialist principles above the societies they were elected to represent.

The general feeling is one of a Labour Party that cares only for its own. There’s no attempt at representation; and, again and again, we’re discovering Labour councillors diverting council tax payers’ money into projects being administered by other Labour Party members – with little, if any, transparency or accountability.

The Liberal Democrats believe absolutely in transparency and accountability. Our councillors are here to serve the local community – to ensure that you get value for money in the services you are paying for.

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