Jeremy Corbyn is outdated says Parliamentary candidate for Bolsover

As reported in the Metro, Jeremy Corbyn has once again hit the metaphorical water mains while digging for words speaking at an event as we begin LGBT history month.

Jeremy Corbyn was recorded on video saying that..

‘Our defence of you is a defence of all of humanity and the right of people to practise the life they want to practise, rather than be criminalised, brutalised and murdered, simply because they choose to be gay, they choose to be lesbian, they were LGBT in any form.’

Liberal Democrats parliamentary candidate for Bolsover, Ross Shipman believes the Jeremy Corbyn being seen to ‘do a good thing’ is an act.

Ross Shipman said: This is typical Corbyn – attempting to do a good thing and look good in front of his audience, but then his mask slips. The words coming out of his mouth and policies in other areas he wants to adopt are the ones of an outdated regressive country. Isn’t it time he got with the times and realised that this is 2017?

Ross goes on the offensive against Corbyn in his latest tweet..

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One thought on “Jeremy Corbyn is outdated says Parliamentary candidate for Bolsover

  • David Hancock

    Sadly, Corbyn represents the real face of the Labour Party – who have, at best, only ever been casual allies of LGBT equality.

    Back in 1967, the then Labour government partially decriminalised homosexual acts between consenting adults. However, unlike the Liberal Party, Quaker and Unitarian Churches who believed it was absolutely the right thing to do; the Labour government believed that homosexuality was a mental illness and they believed that gay and bisexual men “suffered” enough because of their “illness” and didn’t deserve to go to jail.

    In 2004, the then Labour government introduced civil partnerships – to give same-sex couples the same rights as married couples – without actually allowing us to get married – because (according to them) the UK wasn’t yet ready for genuine equality. Most people disagreed; and 10 years later the Lib Dems managed to get the coalition government to introduce marriage equality.

    In 2016, during yet another of their internal rifts – hundreds of Labour Party members subjected leadership candidate Angela Eagle to homophobic abuse.

    Does Corbyn’s stance really surprise us?

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