N-E Derbyshire and Bolsover Lib Dems call for ban on fracking in Derbyshire

It has been announced yesterday that INEOS have been given permission by the Chatsworth estate to conduct a seismic survey at Staveley and Scarcliffe.

A representative of the Chatsworth Settlement Trustees (CST) said: “INEOS advised that where they do not achieve access to land via negotiation, they would pursue the provisions available to them under the Mines (Working Facilities & Support) Act 1966, in order to gain access for the purpose of the survey. CST have therefore agreed to the survey.

The Liberal Democrats agreed in March 2016 at their conference in York to ban fracking in England and Wales.

Chair of N-E Derbyshire & Bolsover Lib Dems and Parliamentary candidate for Bolsover, Ross Shipman calls for a “ban on fracking across Derbyshire” as the news comes in that INEOS have been given permission by the CST to conduct a seismic survey in Staveley and Scarcliffe. he added that “INEOS themselves admit that the shale gas that they want to extract would be mainly use at their Grangemouth facility to produce chemicals and not to prop up the national grid as some would have us believe”

Ross went on to say that “the Liberal Democrats candidates in North East Derbyshire & Bolsover will be standing on a platform of wanting to ban fracking in Derbyshire.”

Sign our Derbyshire Against Fracking petition here: https://www.nedbd-libdems.com/petitions/derbyshire-against-fracking-petition/

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