Lib Dems stay in touch, while Labour stay out of touch

Yesterday, the wonderful small village of Tupton received a visit from Labour’s North East Derbyshire MP and Deputy Speaker of the House, Natascha Engel.

One can only assume that a small village was blessed with such a visit because of the recent surge in support for the Liberal Democrats in both the District Council election in October which saw the Lib Dems win with nearly 40% of the vote share (pictured below) , then going on to win two seats on Tupton Parish Council with 60% of the vote share, with a increase in votes.

While the Labour Party were holding their ‘coffee morning’ between 2-4pm on Saturday, 4th February 2017, hard working Liberal Democrats were out delivering leaflets and knocking on doors finding out what issues mattered to local people in Tupton, Clay Cross and Grassmoor – Local residents made their voice loud and clear during both elections in late 2016 and the message was that they want their elected representatives to work hard for them, not the other way round.

Cllr Ben Marshall (Pilsley Parish Council) and his son Blaine helping in the Clay Cross North action weekend.

It does seem the Labour Party are noticing that their support in heartlands such as Tupton is waning, but they are clearly not listening to local residents in these heartlands who want their voices heard.

The Liberal Democrats will continue delivering and canvassing today across the Clay Cross North County Council division in our action weekend.

If you are unable to return the residents survey, you can always complete it online at

If we know what issues are important to you, then we can make sure that we are spending our time concentrating on the issues that matter, making us much more representative of local people.

When all other parties have deserted Derbyshire, the Liberal Democrats will continue to fight for a better future. #Working4You

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