Lib Dems’ Vision for Tupton

Our vision is to improve accountability & transparency of your local council; as well as introducing fresh ideas to improve the village.

Lib Dem campaigners say they will stop the Parish Council stringing local residents along over the Birkin Avenue play area

Tupton Lib Dems have said that they will publish all information regarding the Birkin Avenue park plans; including the current financial state of the Parish Council and the affordability of the project.

Councillor John Ahern said: “We said the project was unaffordable by the Parish Council this time last year; and nothing has been done to move it along.”

Lib Dem candidate for Tupton Parish Council, June Hancock, said: “For years that park has remained the same, going back to when I lived on Queen Victoria Road in 1966 – so it’s about time they had a good facility for Tupton families to enjoy.

“We will work with local people to introduce the rennovation of the play area in 3 phases.

“Phase 1: Install a brand new play area; Phase 2: Install a picnic and wetlands area, then finishing off the project with Phase 3: Skate Park.”

Innovative Funding for your services

Lib Dems have plans to approve different ways to bring in additional revenue for Tupton Parish Council.

Budgets are expected to be squeezed from the government and proces are rising – but Tupton Lib Dems will look at innovative ways to fund your local services.

We believe that every service provided by the Parish Council MUST be good value for money.

Drawing on support and partnerships from local people and businesses – we will ensure that all our expenditure meets that criteria.

Building Partnerships

The Liberal Democrats want to build partnerships across the village.

We understand that our village life is only complete through the amazing work of its community led groups. Liberal Democrats want to forge closer relationships with these groups; and foster the creation of new ones.

Lib Dem for Tupton Parish Council, Keith Windley announced: “The Liberal Democrats would advertise the grants available to community groups and encourage new ideas to be developed.” He added; “We would link the groups together to orgeniase community events and provide activities for local people all year round.”

Creating Opportunities

A Lib Dem run Council would provide opportunities for local people in the form of training, apprenticeships and volunteering.

Cllr David Hancock said: “We always try to be forward thinking and pro-active for the people of Tupton. This means we will be looking for ways to provide spaces for people within the village to gain skills that are transferable to other industries.”

He added: “There is no point in sitting back and wishing we could have done more for residents – we want to be able to say, we did do more for local residents, that’s why we will create opportunities at the Parish Council.”

Facilities for Teenagers

When out speaking to you on the doorsteps, many ask us “what is there to do for teenagers?”

Lib Dems would push for bringing back a local club for teenagers to try new activities and socialise in a safe environment.

Cllr Pam Windley said: “Through many years of fostering I have found that there has always been a lack of provision for teenagers.

“Increasing provisions will allow teenagers to express themselves in a safe environment, instead of having to walk around the streets finding things to do.”

Contact the team

Cllr David Hancock
07703 437180

Cllr Pam Windley
07500 375236

Cllr John Ahern
07957 072259

June Hancock
07500 659265

Keith Windley
07979 466648

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