Liberal Democrats ask Lloyds Bank for more time in Clay Cross

Local residents ‘bank’ on a delay

Lloyds Bank have announced that they plan to close the Clay Cross branch in a range of closures nationally.

In a statement, Lloyds said, “These branch closures are in response to changing customer behaviour, and the reduced number of transactions being made in branches. Our branches will continue to play a vital role in our multi-channel approach to meeting the full range of customer needs, and we expect to continue to have the biggest branch network in the UK.”

Cllr David Hancock said; “Lloyds is currently the only bank in Clay Cross and provides a vital service to many local residents and small businesses. While, on paper, the nearest branch may only be 4.5 miles away – the reality is that, for some, it is a significant trip; and will likely expose many older residents to the risk of keeping unnecessary amounts of cash in their homes. While small independent retailers will face the choice of either closing their businesses for longer, or leaving employees working alone for extended periods, while they to travel to Chesterfield or Alfreton.”

Lib Dem campaigner, Sam Jones said: “You can see from the noise that is being made that people are concerned about the closure of this branch and we should be trying to find positive ways to keep it in the town. We should encourage collaboration between business and the community in Clay Cross to keep this service available.”

Clay Cross Town Centre Group organised a gathering outside the branch on Monday, 9th April 2017 which was well attended by local residents. You can ‘like’ their Facebook page by CLICKING HERE or by searching for ‘The Clay Cross Town Centre group’.

The Liberal Democrats have written to Lloyds Bank to consider delaying the proposed closure until the approx new 1,500 houses are built off the A61 so that they can properly assess the viability of the branch before closing the vital service for many local residents. We have sighted many other reasons why the delay should be postponed for the time being.

Liberal Democrats email supporting local residents against the closure of this vital service in the town:

“Dear Mr Oldfield

We were saddened to learn yesterday of Lloyds’ intention to close their branch in Clay Cross, Derbyshire. We appreciate that these decisions are never taken easily and, naturally, understand the commercial need to maintain viability. It is also our duty to represent the residents and businesses in the local community; and we firmly believe that there is a genuine need for your presence in the town, and potential longer term viability, and would ask you to reconsider the proposed closure.

  1. Firstly, Clay Cross isn’t a particularly affluent area. The cost of bus fare to travel the 4 miles or so to the nearest alternative branch is, for many, the amount they would have to spend on a couple of days’ food. Financially, for those people, the proposed closure would cause significant financial hardship.
  2. Secondly, in common with much of the North East Derbyshire and Bolsover area, the town has a high proportion of older people. A significant number of whom receive care. These carers are, naturally, allocated a certain amount of time to each of their clients. The increased time taken in travelling to another town in order to transact personal baking would therefore reduce the amount of time available to assist with other needs.
  3. Thirdly, many of the businesses which operate in Clay Cross are small, independent shops. Often these can’t afford to employ additional personnel to cover the increased time it would take to travel to Chesterfield or Alfreton.
  4. Finally, the demographic of Clay Cross is due to alter significantly over the next few years. Whilst it may not necessarily be the most commercially viable branch at this point in time; over the next few years two major new developments are confirmed (and work has already begun) in the vicinity – one actually abutting directly onto Clay Cross itself; and the other just a couple of miles to the north, in Wingerworth – which will potentially increase your personal and business client base significantly.

We hope you will at least take these factors into account before arriving at any final decision in regard to the Clay Cross branch’s future; and would be grateful if you keep us updated on any decisions you make in regard to this area.

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Kind Regards

David Hancock, District Councillor for Tupton Ward & County Council Candidate for Clay Cross North
Sam Jones, County Council Candidate for Clay Cross South”

We await the reply from Lloyds Banking Group.

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