New Year Message from North Derbyshire Liberal Democrats

For the last two and a half years Westminster has tied itself in knots over Brexit. Irrespective of where you sit on this particular issue, it has got in the way of everything else in this country. Our NHS is in crisis, schools are suffering, housing and energy prices are beyond the reach of those most in need, there’s continuing uncertainty about jobs; and those who have had pay rises over the past few years have still slipped significantly below the cost of living.

For the coming months at least, Brexit seems likely to dominate those in Parliament – to the detriment of everyone else, the Tories will attempt to cling to power with an impotent Prime Minister; while Labour attempt to use Mrs May’s incompetence as a chance to grab power – and the casualties of their attempt at political dominance are the British public.

The United Kingdom is one of the best places in the world. We are one of the most liberal countries in the modern era. It doesn’t matter what colour you are, what gender, religion, sexual orientation – because we accept people for WHO they are above WHAT they are. The way it should be.Unfortunately, some of the toxic nonsense coming from Westminster and the media would have us believe differently, but, here in North Derbyshire, we are as liberal as they come.

The trouble is that we are suffering because Parliament is ignoring the issues that affect us on a day-to-day basis. Of course, Brexit is important; but we cannot allow it to distract from all of the other vital issues that affect our country; and, being completely selfish, that affect us here in North Derbyshire – where, on top of the economic, health and education issues, the spectre of fracking looks set to slip through, unnoticed by Westminster, and ravage Marsh Lane, Eckington.

We have the Labour-run Police & Crime Commissioner’s Office criticising the Conservative government for funding cuts while it’s four main officers draw salaries totalling almost £286,000 – for an office with no real function.

In February, we will have the verdict on the independent review of North East Derbyshire Labour’s local plan. A plan which is crippling local infrastructure, failing the Green Belt, and which brings little, if anything, to our local economy. We have the Conservative run County Council crippling our schools and social care provision while they plough money into endlessly repairing the same potholes again and again.

In May we will have the 2019 District Council elections. The Liberal Democrats will be contesting a record number of seats across North Derbyshire. We are tired and angry at how Labour and the Conservatives have treated North Derbyshire.

Both Labour and the Conservatives look to the policies of the past. Policies that boosted their parties through the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties. We’re now about to start the 2020’s – and we need policies and ideas that will take us forward – to create a better future for us, our children, our grandchildren and the environment we live in.

The Liberal Democrats demand better and we invite you to join us and to vote for your Liberal Democrat candidates in May and invest in North Derbyshire’s future rather than squabbling over its past.

#Demand Better
#Vote LibDem

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