North East Derbyshire MP is a ‘turkey voting for Christmas’ say Lib Dems

The Government lost a crucial vote last night on an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill. This means that Parliament will now have a meaningful vote when the Brexit deal is finalised. The defeat came as 12 Conservative rebels voted with Lib Dems, Labour, Plaid and Green MPs in passing the amendment by just 4 votes (309 for & 305 against).

North East Derbyshire MP, Lee Rowley voted with the government.

Chair of North Derbyshire Lib Dems, Ross Shipman commented:

‘Lee Rowley was a Turkey voting for Christmas as he voted against giving himself a vote; and the people of North East Derbyshire a voice in Parliament when the Brexit deal is finalised.’

He added: ‘The people of North East Derbyshire sent Lee to Westminster to vote in our interests; not to remove the ability for MPs to vote on one of the most important issues facing the country right now, Whether people voted to leave the EU or not, this Conservative government’s decisions need proper scrutiny. Theresa May must be rubbing her hands together at his blind loyalty.’

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