Skinner makes Bolsover a laughing stock at the opening of Parliament

The Member of Parliament for Bolsover, Dennis Skinner, once again makes his annual jibe at the Queen as Black Rod enters during the ceremony that opens the Houses of Parliament.

Skinner said: “Get your skates on, the first race starts at half 2.” – making reference to the fact that Ascot is underway this week.

Yes there may be some humour involved; but the House of Commons should be where our elected members are achieving positive change for the people they are suppose to represent; not to turn it into a school yard.

People become switched off from politics and this may be a chuckle of Skinner supporters, but the new people we want to engage in the political system will see this as a comedy – rather than a serious part of our democratic system.

Parliamentary Spokesperson for Bolsover, Ross Shipman said: “Once again we have our MP making our area look like a joke; a joke that we are paying for through our tax system.”

“The sad reality is that his quips are some of the very few times he does speak in parliament.”

“I said during the General Election campaign and still stand by it; unfortunately Mr Skinner is no longer effective for the people of Bolsover.”

“It’s further proof that he is still out of touch with the electorate; making it no surprise that his majority has been slashed to the smallest it has ever been since he was elected.”

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