Steven Blakeley’s letter to Hillstown

To my neighbours and friends,

It is a tremendous honour to have been selected by my party to stand in the Scarcliffe North (Hillstown) Ward by-election.

I’m proud of my community.  It’s where I was born, raised and have predominantly lived all my life.  It is a wonderful community of wonderful people and that’s why I’ve always chosen to remain here.  However, the overriding message I have received from you, in phone calls, emails and face to face, is a feeling that we are being let down.  I agree with this sentiment entirely.

This might not be the most prosperous area in the land, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept being taken advantage of and forgotten by politicians in local and national government.  For too long politicians and their parties have taken their nominations, votes and elections for granted.  The need for change and progress has never been greater and by working together we can achieve it

Policy made away from the community and imposed on them is not effective policy.  It alienates the very people it should serve.  The people in the community should decide what happens in that community.  I will be open and willing to hear your ideas and discuss them with you.  I will take your ideas to meetings and make sure they’re heard.  I will turn your ideas into policy.

On the doorsteps of Hillstown residents have shown how passionately against Fracking our community is.  As an environmentalist, i will do everything within my power to oppose it and make sure it doesn’t happen by supporting Lib Dem policy to ban it in England and Wales.

I have heard residents’ worries and concerns about the provision and maintenance of local facilities, such as children’s play areas, community centres and playing fields.  I will therefore work hard to make sure everyone has access to safe public spaces that are fit for purpose.

I have heard residents’ genuine fears about traffic and speeding, making local roads dangerous to drive on or cross.  I will therefore campaign for suitable traffic calming measures to be implemented.

I have heard how the closure of public toilets in Bolsover has affected residents who travel into the town to do their shopping.  I will therefore work across parish borders to find a solution to this problem.

These are just some of the issues residents have raised with me.  What has also become clear is how inaccessible residents feel local politics and politicians are.  This shouldn’t be the case.  The work of local politicians and councils should be accessible and transparent at all times.  I would be committed to making it so.

If you, my neighbours and friends, put your trust in me and elect me to serve you on Scarcliffe Parish Council on 5th April – I will be a councillor for you.  I will take that trust very seriously and keep it firmly at the centre of everything I do to serve you.  Let’s work together to make our community a peaceful, safe and happy place to live.

Steven Blakeley

Lib Dem Candidate – Scarcliffe North (Hillstown)

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