We are the strongest Remain force in British politics – Cable

The Liberal Democrats have secured the best ever European Election result in the party’s history, expecting to return 16 MEPs and take second place in vote share.

Having run an unambiguous campaign to stop Brexit the party has made huge gains across the country, which follow the party’s best ever gains in English local election results at the start of May.

Responding to the result Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said:

“Our clear, honest, unambiguous message has won us our best ever European election result, and pushed Corbyn’s Labour into third place.

“We have shown ourselves to be the strongest Remain force in British politics.

“We will always stand up for the people who have put their faith in us, taking this mandate forward to campaign harder than ever to stop Brexit.

“There is a clear lesson for Labour in tonight’s results: get off the fence. In trying to please everybody they have pleased nobody.

“With a Tory leadership contest increasing the risk of a “No Deal” Brexit, Britain can no longer tolerate an Opposition which ducks and dives on the biggest issue of the day.

“If you want to see an outward looking Britain, standing tall in the world with our European partners, and offering opportunity to everyone at home, there is no better moment to shape the future of our party and our politics, by joining the Liberal Democrats.”

In N-E Derbyshire the Liberal Democrats leapfrogged both Labour and the Conservatives.

Cllr Ross Shipman, the new leader of the N-E Derbyshire Lib Dem Group, said:

“This was an amazing result for us. Our team has worked so hard across North Derbyshire, at all levels, so to finally see results like this – so soon after the fantastic response we got in the local elections is really heartening.

“People are tired of the Punch and Judy politics of Labour and the Tories. They can’t even get along within themselves – so they’ve lost the confidence of the public.

“The Liberal Democrats pull together, we stood by our values and people put their faith in us; and we thank everyone who voted for us – and we are here to represent everyone – whichever way they voted.”

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