Lib Dems Condemn NEDDC’s “Lip Service” reassurances

Speaking on the release of NEDDC’s “reassurance” to the residents of Tupton, Lib Dem Group Leader, Cllr Ross Shipman said:

“This statement gives little reassurance to the people of Tupton, who quite rightly will be angry at this lip service from the Tory-led authority.

“The fact the press get to hear about the decision before elected Councillors in the Tupton ward, shows just how much the Conservatives hold Tupton residents in contempt.

“Local residents deserve better and won’t forgive the Council for how this whole process has been handle.”

NEDDC’s statement can be read here.

Cllr David Hancock, Chair of Lib Dem controlled Tupton Parish Council and Lib Dem Spokesperson for Housing, had invited NEDDC Leader, Cllr Martin Thacker (Con), and NEDDC Chief Executive, Dan Swain, to address Tupton residents at the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 23 July. Neither has yet responded to the invitation.

Cllr Hancock said: “Their words are entirely hollow. The Council talks of reassurances, but won’t take up the offer to address those directly affected in person. The provide precious little confidence in their intentions.”

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